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Medical Devices FDA Registration Attorney in Miami, Florida

Who Must Register?

According to FDA regulations 21 CFR Section 807.20 and 807.40, the following types of companies must register with FDA:

  1. Contract manufacturers, including contract packagers

  2. Contract sterilizers

  3. Manufacturers located in a Foreign Trade Zone

  4. Initial importers

  5. If the company maintains complaint files under 21 CFR 820.198

  6. Manufacturer of accessories or components

  7. Manufacturer, including kit assemblers

  8. Manufacturer of custom medical devices

  9. Relabeler or Repacker

  10. Remanufacturer

  11. Reprocessor of single-use devices

  12. Specification Developer

  13. US Manufacturer of export only devices

Are You Registering a Medical Device?

How Often Must I Register My Facility?

Medical device manufacturers and others are required to register their facilities with FDA and renew those registrations on an annual basis. The registration renewal process occurs between October 1 and December 31 of each year.

Is There a Fee Associated with FDA Registration?

There is a fee associated with medical device registration. The fee varies but is usually around $4,000 - $5,000.

How Do I Register with FDA?

All medical device registrations must be submitted electronically through FDA's website unless a waiver is granted. The registration is a two-step process, first, the fee must be paid to FDA then the registration can occur. The time frame between the payment and final registration is typically one week. Once a medical device registration has been completed the contact email address will receive a confirmation email.

Initial importers that are seeking to register as a medical device establishment must identify their manufacturers within FDA's online system otherwise the electronic application can not be submitted.