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Cosmetics FDA Registration Attorney in Miami, Florida

FDA registration for cosmetics is now mandatory. Manufacturers are required to register their facilities and their products with FDA. There are two components to the program; (1) registration of the facility; and (2) listing of cosmetic products.

How Do I Register My Facility with FDA?

First, the facilities that can be registered are manufacturers and packers. Locations that only conduct sales or administrative functions, but do not house products can not register. Distributors also can not register their facilities. Once the cosmetic FDA registration is complete FDA will assign a facility registration number to the registered location. In the event a company has more than two locations each location will have a registration number.

Don't Face FDA Registration Alone

How Do I Register My Cosmetic Ingredient with FDA?

The registration process is new for 2023 and has not launched yet, but it is anticipated to be an online system similar to other FDA registrations. As soon as more information is available we will update the website.