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Cosmetics FDA Approval Attorney in Miami, Florida

How Do I Get FDA Approval of My Cosmetic?

There is no FDA approval for cosmetic products. Cosmetic products must follow the regulations that the FDA issues. In the event that the regulations are not followed by the manufacturer and/or private labeler, FDA may request a recall, issue a warning letter, list your product on FDA Import Alert or take many other actions, including seizing the product.

Let's Seek FDA Approval

What Are FDA's Cosmetic Regulations?

FDA has issued regulations that apply to the labeling and ingredients containing in cosmetic products. In addition, FDA has issued mandatory registration regulations.

What Are the FDA Regulations on Labeling?

FDA regulations for labeling require your cosmetic label to contain a statement of identity, net quantity, directions for use, warning statements, ingredients, and the name and address of the manufacturer, distributor, or private labeler.