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Import Alert Attorney in Miami, Florida

What Is an Import Alert?

Import Alerts, also called FDA Blacklist or FDA Red list, is a mechanism FDA uses to automatically detain a product from entering the US without physical examination. Once the product is detained under an import alert or an FDA red list it is then up to the importer to prove to the FDA that the product complies with FDA regulations.

FDA creates a new import alert or FDA red list for a variety of reasons some examples include a large number of detentions for illegal and undeclared food color additives or all vegetable protein products from china due to the presence of melamine and/or melamine analogs. FDA decides to add a company to the FDA red list of an Import Alert or a product to the FDA green list when the product or company is violating and meets the criteria listed on an Import Alert.

Trying to Get Off Import Alert?

How to Get a Company Off Import Alert or FDA Red List

In order to have your company removed from FDA Import Alert or FDA Red list, you must provide sufficient evidence that your products are no longer violating the Import Alert or FDA Red list. Many companies incur expensive, unnecessary testing on each importation simply because the company is listed on the FDA Import Alert or FDA Red list.

How We Can Help You

Our staff at Capote Law Firm can help you achieve removal from FDA Import Alert or FDA Redline so that you can stop incurring additional testing. We have successfully removed companies from FDA Import Alert or FDA Red list in less than one month's time.