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Customs & Border Attorney in Miami, Florida

We live in a global marketplace, where the fruits and vegetables we purchase may come from your local farmer or be imported from Costa Rica. Each product, food, vegetable, fruit, medical device, imported into the United States must comply with the federal agency that is directly involved in its regulations as well as any required Customs and Border regulation, such as country of origin marking. An importer must be well aware of the import requirements such as any required bonds as well as how to deal with a Customs refusal and possible penalty and fine associated.

Let Us Help You Work with Customs & Border Agents

Customs and Border ensures that many of the products that cross our borders are inspected and detained if necessary. At Capote Law Firm, we work with you and Customs agents to expedite the process and ensure smooth entry through the borders.

We advise clients on a broad range of issues including general import compliance, as well as tariff classification, valuation and appraisal of products, country of origin determinations, penalty proceedings, and intellectual property recording. We advise clients on North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) and other Free Trade Agreements, including DR-CAFTA and other programs such as Temporary Importation Bonds, Foreign Trade Zones, customs bonded warehouses, and duty drawback.

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