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Cosmetics Amazon Certification Attorney in Miami, Florida

Many Amazon sellers are having their products removed or deleted by Amazon as a result of compliance or lack of compliance with FDA regulations. This issue has become prevalent with cosmetic products. The main question Amazon sellers who face this issue have is how do they get their products to be “approved” by FDA and/or Amazon so that the cosmetic can once again be sold through their Amazon store? FDA does not approve cosmetics, instead, FDA issues regulations and it is the labeler and/or manufacturer's legal obligation to comply with the regulations that FDA issues. This becomes a problem for Amazon sellers because FDA also does not issue certificates of compliance or approval.

Cosmetics are required to have specific labeling aspects including net weight, statement of identity, directions for use, warnings, contact information, and ingredients. If your labeling is not compliant Amazon may remove your product and/or storefront. Amazon may also remove your product from Amazon if your storefront is making claims that are beyond those considered permitted for cosmetics under FDA regulations.

Let's Get Your Product Back on Amazon

How Does an Amazon Seller Get Their Product Back on Amazon as a Compliant Product?

Obtaining a Certificate of Compliance from third-party organizations is one possible way to get a cosmetic product back on Amazon. Some law firms and consulting firms with experience in FDA compliance are willing to provide certificates of compliance for cosmetic products which can then be submitted to Amazon. A quality certificate of compliance will require the consultant or lawyer to review the labeling and ingredients as well as any marketing material to ensure compliance with all FDA regulations.

Many of our clients have successfully placed their cosmetics back on their Amazon storefront with the Certificate of Compliance Capote Law Firm provides. Contact the lawyers at Capote Law Firm today for an analysis of your issue with Amazon and to determine if a Certificate of Compliance will benefit you.