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5 Reasons to Hire a FDA Consultant for Food Labeling Under FDA Regulations

Aug. 31, 2011

Food that is bought, sold, and imported in the United States needs to have a label, ingredients that are permissible, food facility registration. Many companies do not have the expertise and skills in creating labels, so they hire a FDA consultant in order to keep within compliance of the regulations. There are five reasons why businesses should hire a consultant when they are dealing with food labeling under FDA regulations.

Compliance Process

When businesses create a new product for the public, they often do not understand what the details are in order to ensure their product is compliant with regulations. Using consultants will make it easier to get their product approved since they know all of the details in labeling.

Protecting the Company

By hiring a consultant, he or she is aware of the legality issues on how a new product needs to be labeled. The consultant will be preventing any potential lawsuits to the company by complying with the FDA regulatory guidelines for the labels. Consultants also are the ones to confirm that all procedures were followed if a consumer issues a compliant.

Staying in Compliance

When designing the label, the consultant is aware of all of the FDA laws and guidelines that are needed in order to be within compliance. The experts have the knowledge and expertise to word the label correctly while staying within the FDA guidelines. The consultant is also there to ensure that the business operates within the laws if an auditor of the FDA stops by.

Required Health Information

The experts will know what type of health claims may or may not be required and/or allowed on the packaging. They know where and when to put the nutrient information on the packaging as well. If a product contains allergens, the consulting firm needs to know how to word it on the label correctly in order to prevent injury to the customer.

Staying Informed

The FDA Consultant also keeps up to date with any new laws or guidelines that are released on a yearly basis. They know how to stay on top of the changes by going to seminars or taking self study courses. This is to ensure that the data on the labels remains within the guidelines of food labeling under FDA regulations.